EXPERT MASONRY CLEANING reveals stunning improvements in building design, colors and textures, retards deterioration, and provides a clean surface to match mortars or patching compounds. To select the best cleaning methods (water, chemical, poulticing, abrasive or mechanical) and supplies, Crane Masonry identifies the soiling material, building composition, and prior treatments. 



REBUILDING brick, stone, or concrete block is the next restoration step. It's critical to first determine the cause of the masonry deterioration (leaking roofs/gutters, building settlement, capillary action causing rising damp, or extreme weather). Once corrected, repointing (aka pointing or tuck pointing) removes and replaces deteriorated mortar from the joints to restore the masonry's visual and physical integrity. New mortar must match in color, texture and tooling, have greater vapor permeability, be softer than original mortar, and sand must match the original sand. Improper repointing detracts from appearance with potential structural damage to the building.



WATER REPELLENT & WATERPROOF COATINGS are generally used in below-grade exterior foundation walls to stop water infiltration on interior walls.  Historic masonry building kept watertight and in good repair do not generally need waterproofing. 

Restoration and preservation done correctly will look good and stand the test of time against the elements. 


Crane Masonry encourages you to ask our clients about their satisfaction with our services. We're happy to provide a client and project list for your review.  

Pastor Paul Morris wrote: The Homer City United Methodist Church has Russ do two projects. Repointing of our bricks was the highest quality and they installed new entrance steps. We're happy to recommend Crane Masonry for large or small projects. Quality work from very conscientious workers. 

Father Leo Arnone, St. Francis Xavier, Cresson PA wrote: Having Russ Crane provide his masonry skills for our church restoration project was like inviting a reliable friend back into your life. I appreciate his professionalism and wiling ness to answer my questions. I felt like Russ was going the job more out of friendship than for pay. My people were very pleased with his work. He has my highest recommendation!